My Story

As the acting editor for Aspen Luxury Life Magazine I am always inspired by the fascinating people I meet and stories I hear about that are worthy of editorial content in my opinion.  I wanted to create this BLOG, High Style Attitude,  as a spin off to some of the stories we have covered in print, as well as independent content I am interested in writing about.  I do hope you will find some of the content and excerpts I have chosen for this blog inspirational and fun as that is the goal.

My background in the luxury marketplace started at the age of 26 when my first jewelry collection ever landed in Neiman Marcus. Talk about having to learn to run before you knew how to walk!  It was from that starting point that I really learned what HIGH STYLE & ATTITUDE  combined really meant. Being held to one of the highest standards for luxury retail was the foundation for everything I would come to know. I was exposed to the best of the best and I did not take any of that for granted.   My jewelry design career took me around the world, and it was from traveling to amazing places that I soon discovered photography as an outlet for my creativity.  In 2008 I joined a group of photographers on my first ever safari in Kenya, Africa and it was from there I was hooked completely on photography as not only a hobby, but a side career.  Over the years my “side career” became my primary career and I opened a photography studio in Dallas, Texas where I focused on my new passion and continued with my travel throughout the world photographing on nearly every continent. Nature photography has provided me with endless inspiration and the experiences I encounter along the way have all become part of the journey in my pursuit of the perfect shot!

My entrepreneurial spirit has allowed me to successfully combine my love of luxury and visually compelling images into several business endeavors that continually push my creativity as an artist.  Writing for me is the final component that brings this all together and allows me to share with you a bit of my vision and inspiration along the way.  I am always joined by my constant companion Annabelle, a joyful cocker spaniel (who I found on EBAY ) and spirited adventure seeker!  I enjoy dividing my time in between Texas and Aspen where I am forever grateful for moments with family, friends and mother nature.

Enjoy!  – Joani White